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creekQuote: 'While Mike's technical skills are good, I was most impressed with his ability to listen and respond to the City's needs' ~ Fred Vanecek, Former Water Operator, City of Willamina

Municipal Engineering

The professional engineers at HBH have collectively provided decades of City Engineering services to communities across the State of Oregon. HBH has proven that we provide excellent service and assistance to small and mid-sized communities.

The role of city or district engineer is a familiar one to HBH. We have proven time and again that we excel as the contract engineer for any agency. We desire long-term relationships where we develop into a trusted asset to the municipality and are viewed as a valuable member of a team. Professionally and personally, our greatest client relationships are centered on our contract engineering service opportunities.

HBH provides our clients with many needed services including:

  • System Development Charge Studies
  • Stormwater Planning and Design
  • Street Planning and Design
  • Plan Review
  • Public Infrastructure Design and Inspection
  • General Engineering Advice
  • Sewer and Water Treatment, Storage, and Pump Stations

Our comprehensive experience allows our clients to "do it right."

Some of our engineer-of-record clients include:

  • Rockaway Beach
  • Junction City
  • Detroit
  • Dumbeck Lane Domestic Water District
  • Oceanside Water District
  • Idanha
  • Oregon Health Division - Drinking Water Program

At HBH, we understand small and mid-sized communities and know how to utilize the limited resources available to them. We have an excellent working relationship with many funding agencies and we work hard to keep our costs down and our services affordable.