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HBH Consulting Engineers, Inc. is known for our excellence and expertise in the water engineering field. We are especially recognized for our work with smaller water systems.

Our staff are among the most experienced engineers in the Northwest for water system planning and engineering. Our engineers have planned for and designed numerous water treatment plants, reservoirs, intakes, booster pump stations, transmission piping, and distribution networks. We have completed dozens of water system planning efforts and assisted many communities in gaining funding including grants, low interest loans, and municipal bonding.

HBH was selected by the Oregon Health Authority to assist 54 cities and water districts with completing the EPA's 2011 Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment. HBH's scope of work included: traveling throughout the state to interview water system staff; reviewing all available master plans/capital improvement plans, system maps, engineering reports, maintenance records, etc.; gathering appropriate documentation, focusing on the condition, remaining life, and deficiencies of the system infrastructure; identifying and documenting all eligible needs for the 20-year planning period; and ensuring that the Needs Survey and Assessment questionnaire was complete prior to submission. To show their appreciation of a job well done, the OHA recently selected HBH for the EPA's 2015 Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment Program.

As an indication of our capacity and qualifications, the State of Oregon Drinking Water Program selected HBH to serve as the Oregon Surface Water and Ground Water Circuit Rider and has repeatedly extended our contract due to our excellent performance. This opportunity has allowed our engineers to gain an even broader range of experience and has truly made HBH experts in the field of water system engineering. We feel confident in putting our engineering experience up against any other firm, large or small.

  • Water Intakes
  • Water Wells
  • Water Treatment Plants
    • Membrane Filtration
    • Conventional Multi-media Filtration
    • Groundwater Treatment
    • Slow Sand Filtration
  • Water Reservoirs
    • Reinforced Concrete
    • Glass Fused Steel
    • Bolted Steel
    • Welded Steel
  • Distribution Systems
  • Booster Pump Stations
  • Master Planning
  • Water System Troubleshooting
  • Operator Training and Assistance
  • Financing Assistance

Some representative projects for HBH include:

  • Water Master Plans
    • Rockaway Beach
    • Detroit
    • Depoe Bay
    • Oceanside Water District
    • Watseco-Barview Water District
    • Dumbeck Lane Domestic Water Supply District
    • Tri City Joint Water and Sanitary Authority
    • Beaver Water District
    • Blue River
  • Rockaway Beach Water Treatment Plant (Membrane)
  • Timber Water Authority Water Treatment Plant (Membrane)
  • Mapleton Water Treatment Plant (Membrane)
  • Neskowin Water Treatment Plant (Membrane)
  • Amity Water Treatment Plant (Upflow Clarifier and Filtration)
  • Kerby Water District Water System Improvements
  • Bay City High Level Reservoir (glass fused steel)
  • McMillan Creek Reservoir (glass fused steel)
  • Detroit Water System Improvements, Treatment and & Reservoir
  • Palisade Water Main, Highway 101 Waterline, & High School Pressure Main (Rockaway Beach, OR)
  • Junction City Water Treatment Plant (Pressure Filters)
  • Willamina Water Treatment Plant (Upflow Clarifier and Filtration)
  • Dumbeck Lane Domestic Water Supply District Water Main Extension
  • City of Powers, City of Amity, and Tri City Joint Water and Sanitary Authority Intakes
  • Water System Vulnerability Assessments and Emergency Response Plans (15)
  • Oceanside Water District Two Treatment Plants (Membrane)
  • Oceanside Water District Two Reservoirs, Three Pump Stations, and Two Intakes
  • Oceanside Water District System Improvements